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Social Media

With the proliferation of social websites and applications, and with smartphones and tablets in virtually every hand, social media is an integral part of our lives. Social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration. Social media includes websites and applications that are dedicated to social networking (Facebook, Twitter etc.), forums, blogging, and social curation (Pinterest and Instagram).  

In Avondale, our primary social media applications are Facebook and Twitter. The City also has LinkedIn,  Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+ accounts, and is beginning to grow a city Instagram account. In the  past three years, the City has increased its social media presence with six Facebook sites, for a combined total fan base of 4,470. 

Like us on Facebook:

/CityofAvondaleAZ -  for the latest media releases and news direct from the City public information office

/AvondalePD - for updates from Avondale Police Department safety tips, and other public safety news

/AvondaleLibrary - for the latest activities and events at your local library

/AvondaleParksandTec -
informing the community with recreation and fun!

Follow us on Twitter:  

@AZAvondale – for updates on Development Services and General Plan Initiatives and Meetings

@AZAvondaleFire – for updates from Avondale Fire-Rescue, Fire Department safety tips, and breaking news

@AZAvondaleNews – for the latest media releases and news direct from the City public information office

@AvondaleLibrary - Chloe Reeds will be tweeting the latest news, activities & events at Civic Center Library (CC) & Sam Garcia Western Ave. Library (SG)

Coming soon:  @AZAvondalePolice

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Instagram - CityofAvondale,AZ

Google+- +CityofAvondale,AZ 
Pinterest - AvondaleAZ