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Kids at Hope
Kids at Hope
An innovative concept which states and demonstrates that all children are capable of success, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Kids at Hope is not another program; it is first and foremost a belief system, supported by a cultural strategy and then enhanced by programs. Kids at Hope inspires, empowers and transforms schools, organizations serving youth and entire communities to create an environment and culture where all children experience success, NO EXCEPTIONS!

On September 14, 2009, the City of Avondale, Arizona, became the nation’s first official Kids at Hope City, when the City Council signed a resolution demonstrating a commitment to learn and share a set of principles and practices that support the success of all children, without exception.  RESOLUTION

Visit the Kids at Hope  official website for more information, or contact Avondale’s Youth Development Coordinator, 623.333.2719,


Kids at Hope Pledge
I am a Kid at Hope.
I am talented, smart & capable of success.
I have dreams for the future and I will climb to reach those goals & dreams everyday.
All Children are Capable of Success, No Exceptions!

Treasure Hunter's Pledge
As an adult and a Treasure Hunter
I am committed to search for all the talents, skills and intelligence
that exists in all children and youth.
I believe all children are capable of success,
No Exceptions!

10 Things parents can do at home to support the Kids at Hope belief system

1. Write a letter to your child that describes all the talents and skills that they possess
2. Practice reciting the Kids at Hope pledge and the Treasure Hunter Pledge during dinner. You can find the Kids at Hope pledges here
3. Read The Kids at Hope Friends Meet the Dream Stealing Villain book at bed time to your child. You can purchase the Kids at Hope book here
4. Ask your child to name as many caring adults that they have in their life. Be sure to remind them that you are one of those caring adults
5. Help your child to figure out what year they will graduate from high school and college and prominently display those dates as “Graduating Class of ____ “ in your home.
6. Ask your child what they want to study when they go to college. Remind them that they get to choose the subjects in college.
7. Talk to your child about your hobbies and ask your child what hobbies would they like to have as an adult or start a new hobby with your child such as walking, hiking or biking
8. Talk to your child about “service to others” and choose a project you can do together to help someone such as picking up trash or doing a good deed for a neighbor
9. Have your child draw a picture of their future home and family. Ask them where they want to live?
10. Ask your child to think of three careers that they might like to have as an adult and talk about what they need to do to get ready for those careers.